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GPS LABS was formed in the early 1990's by a group of IBM engineers dedicated to the protection and preservation of our environment by offering environmental sampling and other services. For the past two decades we have been performing quality services in emission testing, industrial hygiene monitoring and laboratory method development. Every team of testers includes at least one engineer experienced in air testing but also as a trained analytical chemist to ensure that the appropriate tests methods are accurately performed and to assist you with finding the best practical solution for your compliance needs. We have a list of satisfied customers and a perfect safety record with it. We adhere to strict EPA quality control procedures and our own standard operating procedures. Member Stack Emission Society.

GPS LABS located in New Windsor, New York is situated 60 miles north of New York City. This location provides rapid response and mobilization from Delaware to Maine. GPS LABS is committed to high quality customer service, rigorous attention to detail and rapid turnaround times on every project. We offer complete test protocol preparation and interfacing with state DEC agencies, free pre-test site visits, and a final report within two weeks of testing completion. GPS LABS will assist in sample port placement, install sample ports and nipples, and assist in site requirements necessary for emission testing.

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